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Worry and Fears




All of us struggle with fear and worry from time to time. In fact, in many cases, fear is actually a good and healthy thing.

Worry and fear keep us from doing things that will hurt us, like getting too close to a fire or jumping into a lion’s cage at the zoo. It’s also natural to be concerned about our health, bank account, job status, children, and more. When something threatens one of those things, we take notice. We work hard to protect ourselves and those we love. In some ways, fear is both a natural and helpful part of what it means to be human. But if fear gets out of control, it can take over and prevent us from enjoying life. When we’re consumed by fear, we can’t be present for others or do the things we love. Overwhelming fear affects our health, saps our strength, makes it difficult to concentrate, and robs us of sleep.

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