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The Plan

Our generous compensation plan is one of the best in the business.

We are targeting the $100 billion wealth and health industry. 

The Integrity Alliance is a new financial plan that provides permanent monthly income and generational wealth for individuals.

The plan provides equity to individuals through small groups of 14 people we call “Unity Networks”.  Members determine their monthly income and can make up to approximately up to $4,000 per Unity Network each month and have unlimited networks. They receive financial education, a money-making website, and products for sale. 

Our members make money quickly because they receive 50% of the gross revenue of the company, thereby experiencing economic justice. Join us as we help you become a member of the $100 billion wealth and health industry. 

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The sooner you start, the better your retirement will be!

The Plan


Join as a member for $29/month and immediately receive a personalized website to launch a successful online enterprise. As a business owner with our organization, two of your most important responsibilities are customer service and promoting healthy living. There is no inventory or shipping on your part because we drop ship anywhere in the world. 


You’ll become an Executive in a Unity Network Network with 14 other people by investing into one of three wealth-building plans: the Integrity 250, Integrity 500 or Integrity 1000. We ask that you read the ebooks, share the plan with your associates and offer our products to your internal and external networks. 


Then, approximately four to six weeks after you begin your work, you’ll be promoted to CEO of your Unity Network and receive your first check.  As CEO, you’ll be paid  50% of the income from the Executives in your “Unity Network”. The highest income structure in the industry!  

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Finally, a plan that actually works.

Monthly residual income is wonderful

Wealth is built by making money that doesn’t require your time.  Isn’t it time for you to truly build wealth?

Dreams achieved.

Becoming an entrepreneur, owning a business and living debt-free are all possible through The Integrity Alliance.

Your wealth & wellness is our highest concern.

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