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Our Mission

Through empowerment, education and equity, our mission is to plant seeds to bring generational wealth to families around the world.

Our story

“With over 100 years Our heart’s desire is to bring real economic freedom to our members, regardless of their status or race. resources to make it happen”. 

Our vision

Our vision is to bring unity in a time of financial uncertainty and economic divisiveness.

Our values

We uncompromisingly deliver the following “ship values” in everything we do:


We train everyone to lead a network of real people


We encourage our partners to leave tangible assets for the next generation


From day one, we supply every member with the tools to begin and run their own business.


We unite our members with like-minded individuals via our “Unity Networks”.


Our “Unity Networks” are designed to build positive relationships and meet the needs of all members.


We grow our influence by staying connected to local communities.

Business Opportunity

Our generous compensation plan is the best in the industry.

Your wealth & wellness is our highest concern.

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